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rtoor's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 35 (From 15 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 770 Points

Anaksha Mini Adventures 2

Combining Items Unlocked 3/22/12
5 Points
Out with the old. In with the new
5 Virgo Symbols 5 Points Find 5 hidden Virgo symbols
Bathroom Poetry 5 Points Funny messages on the walls
Hidden Symbols 5 Points Find 1 hidden virgo symbol
Teaching Him a Lesson 5 Points Teach that pervert a lesson!
25 Virgo Symbols 10 Points Find 25 hidden Virgo symbols
40 Virgo Symbols 10 Points Find 40 hidden Virgo symbols
Breaking In 10 Points Learn how to pick locks
Little Vandal 10 Points Intentionally damaging property
Screwing Around 10 Points Creative use of a wall
Virgo Queen 10 Points Find all 60 hidden Virgo symbols
Code Cracker 25 Points It took you how many tries?
Inflicting Pain 25 Points Just a sadistic little devil!
Out Of Order 25 Points Nobody is allowed in the bathroom
Avenging Angel 50 Points Complete the game

Medals Earned: 1/15 (5/210 points)

Beat Universe

Saved Earth Unlocked 4/18/12
5 Points
Finish the second song
Adept Unlocked 4/18/12
10 Points
Play the tutorial
Autoplayer 5 Points Activate Autoplay for the first time
Curious 5 Points View the credits
Lightning City 5 Points Finish the third song
Skilled 5 Points Hit 150 bad notes
Starting Off 5 Points Finish the first song
Underwater 5 Points Finish the fourth song
Wow Particles 5 Points Finish the fifth song
Able 10 Points Hit 400 perfect notes
Gleaming 10 Points Unlock 17 stars
Good Start 10 Points Get 5 stars on the first song
Keen 10 Points Play 9 songs
Play For Me 10 Points Activate Autoplay 24 times
Shiny 10 Points Unlock 10 stars
Accomplished 25 Points Hit 900 perfect notes
Brilliant 25 Points hit 1600 perfect notes
Great Tier 25 Points Be ranked in the top 75% overall score
Lustrous 25 Points Unlock 24 stars
Masterful 25 Points Hit 90% or more perfect notes in a song
Mid Tier 25 Points Be ranked in the top 50% overall score
Proficient 25 Points Play 16 songs
Sharp 25 Points Finish a song without missing a note
True Listener 25 Points Finish all songs
Luminous 50 Points Unlock all stars
Expert 100 Points Be ranked in the top 89% overall score
Literate Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 2/27 (15/490 points)


animosity Unlocked 4/3/12
5 Points
complete level 3
to be, and let be 10 Points complete Beloved
world's best lover 25 Points complete all levels on or under world's best moves

Medals Earned: 1/3 (5/40 points)


The way the cookie crumbles Unlocked 3/20/12
5 Points
Beat the crap out of the first opponent!
Bad boy, bad! 10 Points Beat the crap out of the second opponent!
Terminated 25 Points Beat the crap out of the third opponent!
+99 LCK 50 Points Smash a lucky gummy in each of the 4 zones!
Robbing the robbers 50 Points Break through the giant safe and retrieve your wallet!
To infinity and beyond! 50 Points Travel a minimum of 15,000 meters in "Survival" mode!
Power junkie 100 Points Upgrade everything to the max!
Yes, sir! 100 Points Complete all missions!

Medals Earned: 1/8 (5/390 points)

Dino Shift

Egg Unlocked 4/5/12
5 Points
Unlock First 8 Levels
Baby Dino Unlocked 4/6/12
10 Points
Unlock first 16 levels
Smart Dino Unlocked 4/6/12
10 Points
Unlock first 24 levels
Master Dino 25 Points Beat all the levels

Medals Earned: 3/4 (25/50 points)

Hungry Gamers

Grab Bag Unlocked 4/3/12
5 Points
Grab the bag!
To the Dogs Unlocked 4/3/12
100 Points
Defeat Cato
Alliance 10 Points Form an alliance.
Arrows Get 10 Points Defeat Glimmer
Crowd Pleaser 25 Points You call that a kiss?

Medals Earned: 2/5 (105/150 points)

Ice Cream Bunny

Begining! Unlocked 4/18/12
5 Points
Get level 2!
Box 5 Points Defeat box glove!
Disco 10 Points Defeat disco ball!
Great leveling! 10 Points Get level 10!
Hidra 10 Points Defeat hidra!
You gone too far! 25 Points Get level 30!

Medals Earned: 1/6 (5/65 points)

Johnny Upgrade

First Contact Unlocked 5/7/12
5 Points
touch enemy or spike... not sooo clever!
First Kill Unlocked 5/7/12
10 Points
kill the first enemy!
Hang Of It Unlocked 5/7/12
25 Points
That's the way things work!
Top Floor Clear Unlocked 5/7/12
25 Points
mastered the first floor!
Gun Get Unlocked 5/7/12
50 Points
found a gun!
Boss Killer Unlocked 5/7/12
100 Points
kill the Evil End Boss!
MAX XP Unlocked 5/7/12
100 Points
maximum level experience!
Cash King Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 7/8 (315/415 points)

King's Game

First collectible Unlocked 6/11/12
10 Points
Find first collectible
First blood Unlocked 6/11/12
25 Points
Complete all of the levels in "First Blood"
Prisoners to save unlocked Unlocked 6/11/12
25 Points
Collect 17 crown
How to play? 5 Points Read help
Prisoners to save 50 Points Complete all of the levels in "Prisoners to Save"
Rush unlocked 50 Points Complete all of the collection!
Completed Rush 100 Points Completed all of the levels "Rush"
Lord 100 Points Collect 50 crown

Medals Earned: 3/8 (60/365 points)

Lands Of Mobius eps 1

to the limit Unlocked 4/3/12
10 Points
Use your limit break
crab meat Unlocked 4/3/12
25 Points
Beat the Devil Crab
wolf pelt Unlocked 4/3/12
25 Points
Beat the Red Fang
mad mecha Unlocked 4/3/12
100 Points
Force Mecha Sonic to use his limit break
extra 10 Points view the extras page
game over 10 Points don't pay attention to your hp

Medals Earned: 4/6 (160/180 points)